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Timeless Paint Trends

Ever-green paint trends for your entire house.

Trends are practices or choices that evolve with time. The term can be used for a number of things, such as fashion trends, social media trends, and can be used to refer to a movement or a particular direction.

Just like these constantly changing trends, there are also different kinds of paint trends. These trends are inspired by several different elements in the universe including mother nature, seasons, food, and much more.

There are two types of trends when it comes to painting, one is color such as ombre wall paint, and the other is design such as abstract DIY painting.

While some color and design trends come and go like the four seasons, some shades are timeless and are here to stay!

If you are looking for timeless color trends, then do check Diamond Paints’;

Dreamy Pastel Hues

Dreamy pastel hues are a collection of colors that are as their name suggests; dreamy and bright. These tones are aesthetically pleasing and soft to the eyes and make ideal bedroom colors. They reflect a sense of joy, romance, satisfaction, peace, calmness, and are universally adored.

Soft Neutrals

Soft neutrals are the preferred tones for interior designing and are ideal for bedrooms, as they are without color. This helps make the rooms look bigger and more spacious and are appealing background colors for decors. These neutrals include beige, ivory, taupe, gray, and shades of white.

Warm Color Palettes

Inspirations flow all across the room with warm color palette tones. These shades inspire creativity, adventure, and a sense of world heritage. The hues of red, orange, yellow, brown, and green are ideal for all year-long. These shades are ideal for lounges and rooms where parties and gatherings are commonly hosted.

Which paint trend or trends have inspired you the most? Share your inspirations with us and get a chance to be featured on our social media.