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Industrial Product

Select from our wide range of products to fulfil all your commercial and industrial project needs.

Industrial Coatings

Diamond Paint offers hundreds of products with thousands of shades for their industrial clients, ranging from manufacturers of home appliances to automotive two-wheelers and three-wheelers. Customized products are carefully formulated to meet customer requirements. Its features are as follows; Good corrosion resistance Paint adhesion Durable finish

Powder Coating

Powder Coating is used for coating several indoor and outdoor products for protection against corrosion and has aesthetic properties. This product range covers epoxy, epoxy-polyester (hybrid) and numerous polyester types for general industries. Its features are as follows; Smooth finish (high gloss to matt sheen) Bold texture to fine texture effect Metallic/ Non-metallic effects

Protective Coatings

Diamond Paints provides a comprehensive line of protective coatings. We provide a complete solution for corrosion protection. We have coating systems for steel structures, storage tanks, refineries, marine installations, chemical plants, dams, barrages and buried pipes etc. Its features are as follows; Anti-corrosive paint Long-lasting Excellent adhesion

Roadmarking Paint

Diamond Roadrays paint includes thermoplastic paint and chlorinated rubber based paint developed for roadmarking. Its features are as follows; High durability Good colour stability Great weather and abrasion resistance

Vehicle Refinish

Diamond Paints provides a comprehensive product line of Vehicle Refinish. The product range includes high quality 2K acrylic paints, locally developed 2-pack polyurethane topcoats, quick drying high gloss topcoats and nitrocellulose based metallic colors. Its features are as follows; Fast drying Easy to apply Highly durable finish