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Formation of fine powder on the surface of paint film during weathering can cause colour fading. Although some degree of chalking is a normal, desirable way for a paint film putty to wear off, excessive film erosion can result in heavy chalking.

• Use of a low-grade, highly pigmented paint.
• Use of an interior paint for an outdoor application.
• Alkaline substrate
• Low quality putty

• First, remove as much of the chalk residue as possible, using a stiff bristle brush (or wire brush on masonry) and completely dust off and clean surface using dampened cloth.
• Check for any remaining chalk by running a hand over the surface after cleaning. Apply a coat of Wall Sealer and surface can be repainted from any Diamond Paints’ topcoats.
• Alkaline surfaces must be dried before application of any paint.
• Never use interior paint or interior putty for exterior surface.