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Roller Marks

Unintentional textured pattern left in paint by roller.


• Use of incorrect roller cover.
• Use of low grades of paint.
• Use of low quality roller.
• Use of incorrect rolling technique.


• Use the proper roller cover; avoid a long break for the paint and substrate.
• Use quality rollers to ensure adequate film thickness and uniformity. Application of Matt Enamel with roller gives a good finish.
• Shake out excess water or solvent before painting. Don’t let paint build up at roller ends.
• Begin rolling at a corner near the ceiling and work down the wall in 3 foot square sections.
• Spread the paint in a zigzag ‘M’ or ‘W’ pattern, beginning with an upward stroke to minimize spatter; then without lifting the roller from the surface, fill in the zigzag pattern with even, parallel strokes.