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It’s always difficult to select a colour for your ceiling. White is an all-time favourite, but there are so many shades of white, it’s impossible to find the perfect colour. And some people prefer being bold and daring in their colour choices. Whether you want your ceiling to blend in, coordinate or contrast with your walls, Diamond Paints has the perfect colour for you. Show your fifth wall a little love by choosing our statement ceilings!

Light Colours

Light colours on ceilings, whether the colour matches the walls or is a shade lighter, makes the room appear spacious. A light contrasting colour can also be used to create a riveting effect. Of all the soft, light colours, white is a timeless classic. White ceilings make your room bigger and brighter. Our favourite whites for ceilings include Brilliant White 0550, Cloudy White 0523 and Snowfall 0552. You can go all white in your room with these shades for a serene, tranquil look or contrast your ceiling with colours like Monsoon 0556, Peach 0538 or Nursery Pink 0501for a vibrant, lively look.

Dark Colours

Dark colours on ceilings act like accent walls and give a bold and daring look to your room. Choose a colour two or three shades darker than that on your walls for a warm, welcoming feel. Some of our adventurous fifth wall colours are Black 0547, Tile Red 0532 and Blue Street 0511. These rich colours make a striking contrast against white or off white and make any room classy and elegant.

Monochromatic Colours

If you fancy one favourite colour, a monochromatic palette can be used for your walls and ceilings―for light or dark colours―to create a stunning look. For a small room, using one colour has a calming, relaxing effect, which is perfect for a bathroom or powder room. For a large room, using one colour shifts attention to furniture and fabrics and accessories, perfect for a bedroom or living room. We advise you to select Brilliant White 0550, Mid Blue 0561, Spring Leaf 0526 or Tile Red 0532 as your monochromatic theme.

A beautifully painted ceiling can transform your room from ordinary to extraordinary.